In Home Dog Boarding

Dog Walks and More is the prefect alternative to caged boarding and the kennel experience. It’s like leaving your best friend at your other best friend’s house! Your dog becomes a member of the host family, sitting by our feet as we watch TV. They can go with us to the store and they patiently watch us cook, hoping we’ll spill something so that they can eat it. They receive daily walks/hikes and we feed them according to your schedule. Plus they get all of the love & attention that they can handle.

We only ask that you provide their food so that they don’t get upset tummies while you’re away. All of our dog boarders work from home or are out of the home no more than 4 hours a day, assuring round the clock supervision and attention.

Updates on your pet’s well being are just a phone call, text or email away. We often catch them doing the cutest things and we’re happy to forward those priceless images your way.

Our services are all inclusive and there are no extra charges. Pick-ups and drop offs may be included depending on your location & time of day.

All dogs must be spayed/neutered; be current on their immunizations; not aggressive and at least 4 months old.

Fees are based on a variety of factors including length of stay, special needs of the pet and services requested. Please contact us today for an accurate estimate and so we may answer any additional questions you may have. The average range is $47 – $50 per night and includes walks!