Dog Walking

Let us take your dog out for some exercise! Our dog walking sessions are at least 45 minutes. They can be done in playgroups or solo. We take our pals swimming, running, field activities or for a nice long walk – customized to fit your pets needs and interests. Outings can be every day, Monday through Friday or as little as one time per week. Complimentary pick up/drop off!

Why should you have your dog walked?

  • Dogs are social creatures that need contact with other dogs and humans.
  • Dogs learn how to socialize with each other when participating in group outings and play.
  • Avoid destructive behaviors such as chewing, biting, and digging by giving them an outlet and physical activity.
  • Exercise is healthy! A tired dog is a happy dog.

Price range is $25 to $30 per outing for one dog. Pricing depends on duration, number of pets, etc.

Discounts for Mon-Fri (full-time) walks are available. Please call us for 2 or more doggy pricing.