Dog Walking

Let us take your dog out for some exercise! Our dog walking sessions are least 45 minutes. They can be done in playgroups or solo. We take our pals swimming, running, field activities or for a nice long walk – customized to fit your pets needs and interests. Outings can be every day, Monday through Friday or as little as one time per week. Complimentary pick up/drop off!

Pet Sitting Visits

Pet Sitting is also known as Cat Sitting, Dog Sitting, Bird Sitting, etc. We can check in on your cats, dogs, rodents, fish, birds, reptiles, and chickens too! Relax while you’re away, guilt free. There is no need to impose on friends & family to watch your pet(s). Our professional Pet Sitters are trained, experienced, insured and bonded for your peace of mind.

In-Home Dog Boarding

Dog Walks and More is the prefect alternative to caged boarding and the kennel experience. It’s like leaving your best friend at your other best friend’s house! Your dog becomes a member of the host family, sitting by our feet as we watch TV. They can go with us to the store and they patiently watch us cook, hoping we’ll spill something so that they can eat it. They receive daily walks/hikes and we feed them according to your schedule. Plus they get all of the love & attention that they can handle.

Doggy Day Care

Wondering what your dog is doing home all alone? He’s waiting for you to get home!! Or… he’s bored and discovered that the couch is an awesome chew toy. If you have realized that your furry family member can’t be left alone, then try doggy daycare.